Quick Test Results with the Chlamydia ELISA Test

July 12th, 2011  |  Published in Chlamydia Testing

The ELISA test for Chlamydia provides quick feedback about your STD status. Here’s a look at how the test works and why the ELISA test is popular even outside the world of STD testing.

Understanding the ELISA Test

  • What it stands for: Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay. ELISA tests are used to detect a variety of infectious diseases (both STDs and other types). For our purposes, we’ll focus on the ELISA for Chlamydia.
  • What it means: This Chlamydia test relies on a substance that detects the presence of Chlamydia antigens (that is, the bacteria in Chlamydia) in a patient’s fluid sample.
  • How it works: Chlamydia antibodies present in the ELISA test attach to any Chlamydia antigens found in a person’s fluid sample. When the two substances meet and connect, a color change in the solution is triggered.
  • When it happens: This Chlamydia atoledo test is often cited for being quick – the reaction between the antibodies and antigens (if any are present) doesn’t take much time.

What to Do After a Chlamydia Test

First of all, congratulate yourself for being proactive about your sexual health. Regular STD testing is essential for keeping yourself and your partner(s) healthy. Second, know that the CDC recommends abstaining from sexual activity until you get your Chlamydia test results.

Finally, if your test shows that you have Chlamydia, you’ll need to take antibiotics. The good news, though, is that the drugs will clear the infection from your body and you’ll be back to normal before long.

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