', ''); ?> A positive Chlamydia diagnosis is often confusing and scary. Fortunately, Chlamydia is completely curable. If detected and treated early, complications from Chlamydia are uncommon. After receiving a positive Chlamydia test result, early treatment is key. If left untreated, Chlamydia can...

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World Health Day, a product of the World Health Organization (WHO), is celebrated around the globe on April 7th. Since 1950, the WHO has used this day as an opportunity to promote awareness of specific global health issues. This year,...

Few if any laboratory tests are perfect; most of them carry the potential of either positive or negative results that are not reliably true, called “false positive” and “false negative”, respectively. For the genital herpes antibody tests, false-positive test results...

Recently, Visual Science Company, led by Ivan Konstantinov, created the most detailed and accurate 3D model of the HIV virus to date. The model includes 17 viral and cellular proteins and 160,000 lipid molecules of 8 different types, with all...