STD Testing & Treatment In 4 Simple Steps

Order STD Test(s)

Select testing location: local lab or in-home

Pay with credit card, e-check, or anonymously with cash

Local Lab: 1-3 days to results

Print requisition form or have it faxed directly to lab

Visit lab for testing: 15-20 minutes, No appointment necessary

In-Home: 1-3 days + shipping to results

Receive home kit package via USPS

Follow detailed testing instructions and mail completed test to our lab network

In-Home Swab Tests: GET INFO
In-Home Urine Tests: GET INFO

For home testing, please call 1-866-749-6269

View test results via private online portal or phone Discuss results with our in-house physicians

Receive a prescription for treatment of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, and Trichomonaisis (if necessary)

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Common Questions About Ordering
What is the advantage of testing for STDs with over going to my doctor’s office?
With our STD testing services, you have more private and faster testing options, with the same test accuracy you’d receive from your family doctor. No insurance reporting, no long waiting periods, and no embarrassment.
I’m concerned with privacy. Is testing for STDs truly private?
Yes. From completely anonymous payment structures to at-home testing to no insurance reporting, your results are completely private and accessible through a private, online portal.
Common Questions About Testing
What type of sample is required to test for STDs?
Urine samples are required for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Blood samples are required for herpes, hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV.
Is preparation required before testing?
There is no preparation needed. However, it is recommend to avoid urination for one-hour prior to urine-based tests.
If I select local lab testing, do I need to test right away?
No, your order is valid for six months. However, you can test the day of purchase if you wish. With, test at your convenience.
Common Questions About Results
How do I access my results?
Results are available via private, online portal or phone.
What if I have questions after receiving my STD test results? What if I’m positive?
We have trained counselors and physicians on-staff to answer your most questions 24/7. For curable STDs, we offer treatment. Most curable STDs are fully cured within two weeks.
Common Questions About Treatment
What STDs are curable?
We test and prescribe treatment for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. Each disease can be completely cured within two week with a prescription written by our in-house physician network.
Do you offer treatment if I test positive?
Yes, our in-house physician network is available to answer questions and prescribe treatment for anyone testing positive for these STDs. Additionally, we offer medication to manage herpes outbreaks.