The Institute of Sexual Health

Who we are: The Institute of Sexual Health is a leading source of STD information, research, and education. Backed by nation-wide medical experts, the Institute of Sexual Health partners with to offer easy online access to STD testing, counseling, and treatment.
Our team: Our medical advisory board consists of physicians and public health experts who are among the most well-versed in the country in the field of STD research, testing, and treatment. Our board works hand-in-hand with the U.S. CDC to develop STD screening guidelines and best practices for effective prevention.

Our mission: Sexually transmitted diseases remain a major public health concern across the country. Unfortunately, a major contributing factor of why STD infection rates remain high are due to the associated social stigma. Often times, people are hesitant to discuss the topic and seek testing and treatment options in an effort to spare themselves the “embarrassment” associated with STDs. At the Institute of Sexual Health, our mission is to provide STD research and data to help educate the public and eliminate the confusion and social stigma often attributed to STDs. Our work, from scientific publications to actual medical investigations, is aimed to increase public awareness of STDs, encourage open dialogue on the topics of testing and protection, and inspire those at risk to take active steps toward preserving their sexual health.

What we offer: Together with, the Institute of Sexual Health offers an open-ended forum for STD discussion, education, and counseling. While our goal is to ultimately remove the stigma associated with STDs and STD testing, we recognize that for most people, a sexually transmitted infection is a sensitive matter that must be addressed in a discreet, professional, and effective fashion. To that end, we’ve developed a set of research-backed guidelines for STD testing to serve as a resource for those at risk for infection. Powered by, we are able to take our work one step further by offering easy, convenient, instant access to STD testing through partnerships with trusted laboratories throughout the country. Recognizing the emotional and physical implications of STDs , our network of medical experts provides counseling through forums, q/a boards, and even one-on-one.

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    Backed by nationwide medical experts, the Institute of Sexual Health is a leading source of STD information, research and education. is committed to online access to inform, test and treat.
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