STD Testing: Getting Over the Mental Barrier

September 7th, 2010  |  Published in STD Testing

When it comes to some of life’s challenges, tackling one’s fears will often times come down to the notion of mind over matter. It takes a fair amount of inner strength and courage to push yourself to the limits of your comfort zone and face the more intimidating aspects of existence as you know it; but at the end of the day, the payoff involved in conquering your fears will generally be worth the effort – especially when it comes to STD testing.

Though STD testing is not known to be a particularly painful endeavor, the mental and emotional facets of the process tend to serve as major roadblocks for those at risk for infection. Understandably, STD testing is something that most people would rather just plain not contemplate unless utterly forced to do otherwise. After all, the notion of being diagnosed with any sort of disease, curable or treatable as it may be, is not likely to sit well with most people in general. Factor in the stigma associated with STDs, and it’s no wonder that plenty of folks – even those whose lifestyles lend to the greatest risks  – would much rather ignore the problem than face the long-term ramifications of foregoing STD treatment.

While undergoing STD testing is certainly not an easy process on which to embark, those at risk for infection need to understand the importance of getting over the mental barrier and doing what’s right for their health. One thing that may help those who have been putting off testing for fear of being scolded or judged is the availability of online STD testing. Thanks to websites like, those looking to learn the truth about their sexual health can log onto the Internet, evaluate their individual risks, and order the appropriate STD tests in a manner that is as calming as is it confidential. Best of all, offers free counseling to all patients; so those who don’t relish the idea of facing potentially bad news alone can take comfort in the resources available to them.

Of course, dealing with the stigma of STD testing is one thing, but facing the notion of infection is a completely different story. While most professionals in the industry don’t have a magic formula for enabling people to simply get over their fears and deal with the reality of STDs, there are plenty of resources available online and via various health-related organizations for those who recognize the need to take the important step towards testing but at the same time require that added push.

If you’ve been putting off STD testing for fear of the stigma – or the health-related consequences involved – then recognize that delaying the process isn’t going to help you improve your current relationship or your health. If anything, denying yourself this essential information is only going to put your wellbeing (not to mention your partner) at risk.

As difficult as it may be to learn that you have an STD, the only thing worse than hearing that news is sitting back and letting your health deteriorate to the point where the consequences are far more life-changing. Many of the most common STDs out there are manageable, if not completely curable, but you can’t take steps to seek out treatment unless you know what’s wrong. So go ahead – give yourself whatever pep talk you need, and make plans to surround yourself with loved ones, friends, and a host of distractions for the period in which you’ll be awaiting those results. Just don’t let your fear of learning the truth compromise your health in the long run.