STD Symptoms: Rash on Hands and Feet

May 11th, 2011  |  Published in STD Symptoms & Signs

Signs and Symptoms of STDs: Rash on Hands and Feet

A rash on the hands and feet can indicate an STD. This is often a sign of secondary syphilis.

When Syphilis Causes a Rash on Hands and Feet

Syphilis is a progressive, bacterial STD. Syphilis symptoms occur in stages; the primary stage is marked by sore or chancre. If syphilis is not treated in the primary stage, it will progress to the secondary stage which causes a rash on the hands and feet. This rash is typically rough, rust-colored, and will appear on the palm of the hands or soles of the feet.

Confidential STD Testing Provides Answers

If you're experiencing a rash on the hands and feet and are at risk for contracting sexually transmitted diseases, test for syphilis and other STDs at a local lab as early as today. Our on-staff physicians are available to answer questions, interpret results, and provide counseling. To learn more about how confidential STD testing works or to order a syphilis test or test for other STDs, click here.

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